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ESR Wheels continues to be a leader in aftermarket high end wheels in excess of 4 decades. In the last 4 decades, ESR wheels have won a variety of drifting competitions. With a Lineup of a variety of different products they are sure competitors within the industry! ESr actualyl just recently released a variety of new wheels including the ESR SR06 and ESR SR07. A quick conversation with ESR last week and we got the feeling these guys really truly know what must be done to engineer wheels and technologies that may not just compete, but could win Titles. Since ESR sits down and produces aftermarket wheels for a lot of competition cars including the likes of lamborghini, BMW and Honda, we know the real performance needs together with the correct load rating, specifications and sturdiness specifications.

Not one other wheel manufacturer utilizes a wider selection of classic designs and than pairs it with quality and affordability, For example the ESR SR01 is one of the classic wheels that was produced a simple mesh style wheel that is available in a variety of ranges. Or the esr sr02 wheels that are a 5 spoke design that have a twist to them. Another great wheel that esr has built was the esr sr03 this was another mesh style rim with a removable centre cap. The esr sr04 was another 5 spoke design with customized rivets however it didnt have a twist and it can be seen in the link below. The esr sr05 was the first wheel ever produced talk about a winner design.

This Month the esr sr06 was released which is a familiar one in the tuning industry, 2.5-4 inch lips are available as well as dubai gold finishes. Secondly Check out the newest wheel to come forward on the cataologue and this is the esr sr07 wheels one of the best wheels to be released from this brand so far. A true te37 replica rim that is availabe in 17 and 18 inch rims.

Anyways we wanted to review the company as we are planning to be putting esr wheels on our track car for our next time attack series.

Updated: February 4, 2016 — 1:12 am

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